The Total Body Diagnostic 

The Injury Assessment

Stop Back Pain

Back pain can be scary, frustrating, confusing, and take you away from the things you love or have to do. This book was written just for YOU to put FEAR to REST, provide EDUCATION, and give HOPE!

Stinson & Voss Physical Therapy

We instill hope to motivated people in our community to be active and fulfill their purpose without pain medications, injections, or surgeries.

Be Active. Live Your Purpose.

Ministry Driven.

Our clinic and community are our mission field. We believe that God calls us all to grow and flourish where we are standing. Drs. Stinson and Voss pour the love of Christ into each client first through prayer, then through the knowledge and experience that God has given them in physical therapy practice. Each person who enters our facility is viewed as a blessing and deserves to be treated as such. 

Our ability to serve and heal others comes from Him alone.

Research Based.

It is only through "best practices" that the best care can be achieved. Drs. Stinson and Voss are dedicated to continually improving our care through research and education. We view it as our professional and ethical responsibility to not only offer the most current practices, but also to be sure that those practices are well founded in research and efficacy to improve our client outcomes.  

Client Focused.

Client care is our passion. This is why we love being physical therapy professionals. Our clients are the most important piece of our practice and we want each person to feel that significance when they enter. We know each client that chooses our facility has entrusted us with their care. It is imperative that we, not only live up to, but ultimately surpass the expectations for evaluation and treatment. Finding the correct treatment approach is a team effort between the client, the therapist, family members, and other medical professionals. When we focus on our client's best interest, we are fulfilled and our clients are given the exceptional care they deserve.


Blessings From Our Previous Clients!

"My family has worked with Dr. Stinson so many times over the last 12 years. She helped my little girl with her legs, my son with his knees, me with my back as well as other members of my family. I was in so much pain with my back that 5 steps was too much and pain was shooting down my legs, I HAD to sit down, after doing what she told me to do, 4 days later I was feeling GREAT! A few small things I can tell you about Dr. Stinson is that she’s great at what she does, she is compassionate, knowledgeable, trustworthy, humble, she listens to your concerns and treats you like family! She will make you feel comfortable, she will go above and beyond to help you feel better. She will also be praying for you and yours every night. She’s literally a mastered “old hand” but still open to learning new things. You can’t ask for a better PT!!! I trust her with all of my family and would recommend her to anyone." 

Sandra Messer

"I had been experiencing extreme low back pain for several months. After going to several doctors and a specialist, I was referred to physical therapy. I started seeing Dr. Stinson and she found that I had one leg shorter than the other. She gave me some exercises and a heel lift. After five months of consistent pain, I had almost immediate relief. I have been able to get back to the activities I enjoy! Drs. Stinson and Voss sincerely care about their patients."

Branden Joynt


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