Why Cash Based/Direct Care Model Therapy?

Stinson & Voss Physical Therapy, PLLC is a cash-pay practice which means...

You know your cost before you leave each visit

You will know how much you will be paying prior to your visit, and we will stick to those prices. We accept HSA’s and can even provide you with the codes you need to submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement.  

This means no surprise bills after your treatment is finished!

Better care

With a cash-pay model we can see you less often since we will spend more time with you during our visits.  We give you the tools you need to continue to manage your recovery in the comfort of your own home.  

We provide you with the option of doing a telehealth visit or an in-home visit.  

Your Care is ALWAYS consistent

When you visit us at Stinson & Voss Physical Therapy, PLLC you will be treated by one of our two physical therapists each visit which means no more bouncing around between 3-4 therapists and having to explain your story again and again.  

Since we are not bound by the rules set by many insurance companies we can see you for as many visits as you need.  We can also take more of a whole-body approach to treatment rather than focusing on one body part at a time (which also means fewer visits for you!).   

If you are looking for treatment that will give you a unique and individualized care plan which will save you money and is NOT limited by the rules set by the insurance companies, please call or email us to learn more!